Create, don’t react. A reaction is an outside influence that forces you to engage, while creation starts from within.
Aish Hachaim
  • Mikvah

    The Rav wants to create awareness about how accessible purity can be. It is not just a spiritual concept but a very practical one as well. Not only has The Rav opened a mikvah for men in the religious area of Bayit Vagan, but he has also done so in Beit Shemesh for women, in an area that touches hundreds of thousands of people who previously had limited access to such facilities. The Rav believes that the concept of purity should appeal to both religious and secular women, setting out to build a state of the art, modern center.


  • Kollel – Study Centers

    The Rav has opened and maintains study centers around the globe, with branches in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, London, Manchester, and Vienna, with close to 300 students enrolled, focusing on Talmudic and Torah study and the imparting of Jewish values. It cannot be understated how important the learning that takes place in the kollel is for elevating the Jewish people. Learn more about how these study centers are spreading wisdom and training the next generation of great Jewish thinkers.


  • Religious Articles Giveaway – Global (USA, France, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, UK, Morocco, Switzerland, Panama)

    For some Jewish communities, lack of funds to purchase even the bare necessities makes something as mundane as procuring candles for Kabbalat Shabbat a struggle. This problem is not exclusive to any specific country; it can be found in places as far-flung as Argentina, the UK, and France. Through our work, we have been able to provide hundreds of Mezuzot and dozens of pairs of Tefillin, among many other articles to struggling families looking to fulfill their religious duties. Learn all about The Rav initiative to provide religious articles to needy communities throughout the world!

  • Medical Equipment to Needy People in Israel

    We often take for granted our health and know that medical aid is just a short ride away. Unfortunately, far too many Israelis lack these resources. We have been able to provide vehicles to transport patients, computers for those unable to verbally communicate, and family trips for infirm children. The distribution of aid is a way to send a message to those in need that there is a community behind them that cares deeply and is part of our broader goal in inspiring more acts of Chesed. With your help, we can continue to provide services so that they can continue living and contributing to Jewish society.

  • Feeding Needy Families on Shabbat & Holidays in Jerusalem and Throughout Israel

    For most of us, Shabbat and the Chagim are a happy time, an opportunity for us to enjoy the festive atmosphere and appreciate our lives. For too many in the Israeli Jewish community, however, it is just another period of failing to make ends meet. We aspire to make these days a happy occasion for all and help feed over 70 families in Jerusalem a week. In addition, our holiday drives during Pesach and Sukkot feed 2500 families across the country. Distributing this aid, however, is only a means to an end. With the tzedakah we provide, we hope to empower those on the receiving end, making them more self-reliant in the future.

  • Feeding Kids Throughout Israel

    Israel has been a wellspring for Jewish learning and inspiration for centuries. Israelis live wholly Jewish lives close to some of most important sites in the annals of our history. Yet, every day, countless children in this community go unnecessarily hungry due to unfortunate circumstances. Through our work, we provide meals for almost 800 children a day.The Rav believes “a hungry child is an angry adult”: aid provided to children sends a message that their futures are worth fighting for. Investing in children means investing in a better future for our society, leading to inspired adults determined to spread Chesed as they go out into the world.