Our goal in life is to concentrate on the present, without letting the past and future detract from our enjoyment of the here and now. The Rav teaches us to embrace living in the moment, concentrating on ways to enrich our lives and those of our friends and loved ones all while elevating our souls in service of Hashem, spreading Chesed throughout our community, and inspiring others to do the same.
Aish Hachaim

About the Rabbi

Born in France and raised in Canada, The Rav was inspired to care for the Jewish community by the work of his ancestors. He believes that his ultimate mission is to bring out the good in people, pushing them to aspire to be their best selves.

The reason people are unfulfilled, The Rav believes, is because they don’t know who they really are, and he’s committed to helping them make that discovery. However, self-discovery doesn’t stop there; realizing your true self and your potential means working towards bettering your situation and that of those around you. Receiving the Chesed of others should motivate people to take control of their lives and seek to direct that same kindness outward, creating a community of people who are both self-reliant and continuously act as an inspiration.

Of notable mention is The Rav’s work in Kiruv, or outreach; The Rav has made it his imperative to engage with Jews outside of the realm of the ultra-orthodox community by regularly organizing events with the goal of shattering these stereotypes and helping bridge the gaps between various Jewish communities.

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